Creating a healthy living atmosphere for you and your office pets

Healthy Living Office

If like me you spend most your days sat in front of a computer slouched over with crossed numb legs because the desk pushed up against your knees then maybe it is time for a change. To keep your motivation high and you working live quality superb then you need to mix things up every now and then. This can start with your surroundings. Have a read of the live I have compiled below into the best ways to mix it up and get back on track to a happy office for you and that lazy office dog sat in the corner:

Plants for your office

  1. A decent chair for the office: This is a basic need when working long hours in the office. If you have the extra cash to splash then head over to Herman Miller, they have an amazing amazing office chairs. Always try to sit in the chair you are going to buy before you take the plunge as you are going to be spending most your days, the last thing you need is a numb bum every day because it doesnt suit.
  2. Office Plant: Plants do much more then look good, they help to clean the polluted air around us and add more oxygen into the room. If you are in a stuff office all day then it would be a great idea to invest into renting or buying some office plants. These will help live the general mood of the office, don’t stop at one, plaster them around the place and uplift the mood of your staff. Imagine an array of beautiful plants when you look around the office in a morning… Bliss! Take a look at Office Plant’s from for a start, they rent, sell and maintain the lot!
  3. Lighting: Natural light increases productivity in a working enviroment and reduces stress. Do this, replace your fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum tubes, you will instantly enhance your room! This emits a natural balance of light that is closest to matching natural sunlight.
  4. Colors: Stuck in a boring office with no atmosphere and 4 white walls? Get the
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Amazing way to re-home your unwanted pets

Re-Home Unwanted Pets

Re-homing a pet is the saddest decision a pet lover could make. It is not that the pet is really unwanted, maybe, there are just factors that these pets can no longer stay with you, such as with the misbehaviours that are already causing you and your family a problem and at the same time the health problems this may give you such as allergies and other viral illnesses. As much as possible, re-home your pet decently without hurting them or treating them improperly. The following information will help you to do so.…

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Dog Shot and left in trash bag to die!

These are the type of stories that sicken you to the bottom of your stomach! What sort of a human being would do something like this.

Dogs rely on us as humans to look after them. We are everything to them, their life their whole reason for living they get excited for human interaction and them some people do something like this. Eye for an eye?

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4 Tips On How To Clean Your Rabbit Hutch

Cleaning in general is considered to be an exhausting chore for a lot of people but at the same time, it is also very important. This is especially true if you have a pet that needs to be constantly taken care of since they cannot really take care of themselves. For example, if your pet is a cute, furry rabbit, then you should remember that there are guidelines when you take care of them. For example, one very important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should provide your pet rabbit with the appropriate home. Once you are able to provide that, you should also constantly make sure that it is clean and livable. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you clean your rabbit hutch.…

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Keeping your rabbit safe at night

Single Cheap Rabbit Hutch

As an animal love you want to make sure that your animal is always safe and secure at night. If we feel that our bunny is having a better nights sleep it will increase its happiness and quality of life.

We have recently been looking at the types of rabbit hutches available through the UK and have complied a list of which we believe to be the best in quality and which are the most secure to keep them pesky foxes away. You can also check out Animal & Rabbit Hutches website as they have a great range from luxury hut.…

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Dog chained up for 10 years, but wait…

Dog chained up for 10 years

Heart breaking to watch a dog suffer 10 years of being chained up in a yard with no attention. This is a typical abandonment case. If you cant or have no intention of looking after a dog properly then you should be keeping one in the first place. Another similar case is where a dog was locked up in the house of horrors which really does give you the chills.

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